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Cat lovers and francophiles rejoice--The Cat in the Hat in English and French is back in print! Perfect for teaching beginning readers simple, conversational French or English, the story is here on each page in the language the reader already knows, to guide him or her in the language they are learning. The repetition makes it ideal for learning new words, and the hilarious plot makes it easy to read again and again. Learning a new language has never been so much fun!


Packed with fun and useful everyday vocabulary, this French workbook for beginners will capture the imagination of young learners and encourage a love for learning their first French words. Discover the perfect introduction to French for children ages 6-9. It's the ultimate French lesson for kids! It includes: - Beautifully illustrated scenes that teach and test five words at a time. New vocabulary is practiced again at the end of each week in two pages of exercises. - Clever flaps on the jacket that cover the scene so your child can practice what they have just learned. - Uses the effective rote-learning method to teach new vocabulary.