Recursion: A Novel  (Pasta dura)

Recursion: A Novel (Pasta dura)

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  • NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the bestselling author of Dark Matter and the Wayward Pines trilogy comes a relentless thriller about time, identity, and memory—his most mind-boggling, irresistible work to date, and the inspiration for Shondaland’s upcoming Netflix film.
  • “Gloriously twisting . . . a heady campfire tale of a novel.”—The New York Times Book Review
  • Praise for Recursion
  • “An action-packed, brilliantly unique ride that had me up late and shirking responsibilities until I had devoured the last page . . . a fantastic read.”—Andy Weir, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Martian
  • “Another profound science-fiction thriller. Crouch masterfully blends science and intrigue into the experience of what it means to be deeply human.”—Newsweek
  • “Definitely not one to forget when you’re packing for vacation . . . [Crouch] breathes fresh life into matters with a mix of heart, intelligence, and philosophical musings.”—Entertainment Weekly
  • “A trippy journey down memory lane . . . [Crouch’s] intelligence is an able match for the challenge he’s set of overcoming the structure of time itself.”—Time
  • “Wildly entertaining . . . another winning novel from an author at the top of his game.”—AV Club
  • Reality is broken.
  • At first, it looks like a disease. An epidemic that spreads through no known means, driving its victims mad with memories of a life they never lived. But the force that’s sweeping the world is no pathogen. It’s just the first shock wave, unleashed by a stunning discovery—and what’s in jeopardy is not our minds but the very fabric of time itself.
  • In New York City, Detective Barry Sutton is closing in on the truth—and in a remote laboratory, neuroscientist Helena Smith is unaware that she alone holds the key to this mystery . . . and the tools for fighting back.
  • Together, Barry and Helena will have to confront their enemy—before they, and the world, are trapped in a loop of ever-growing chaos.
Recíbelo en: 6 a 15 días

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  • Número de modelo 978-1524759780
  • UPC 9781524759780
  • ISBN 978-1524759780

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Editor: Crown; Edición: First Edition first Printing (11 de junio de 2019)
ISBN-10: 1524759783
ISBN13: 978-1524759780
Peso: 1.2 lb.

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