Libro: Art: A Visual Hystory

Libro: Art: A Visual Hystory


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  • Discover the secrets behind Botticelli’s dream-like designs, admire Klimt’s gold-laced erotic surrealism, and explore the emotion of Van Gogh’s swirling brushwork as you journey through the ages of Western art.
  • Art: A Visual History offers a clear insight into artists, themes, paintings, techniques, and stories. With input from experts in their field, this comprehensive book covers a long time frame, from early art in 3000 BCE to contemporary work, with features on the major schools and movements as well as close-up critical appraisals of 22 masterpieces. 
  • Over 650 artists are featured alongside large, full-color images of both iconic works and lesser-known gems, providing an expansive view of art history. A firm foundation in the subject is ensured by an exhaustive glossary of terms.
  • Art: A Visual History addresses the pertinent question "what makes great art?". Combining detailed yet accessible text alongside crisp reproductions, this indispensable volume is a must-have for anyone with a passion for art and art history.
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